Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
  • Welcome to The Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Rabbitry

  • Our pedigree herd of rabbits were imported from Holland many years ago which we breed pure to ensure they remain true Netherland Dwarf Rabbits and not just a miniaturized type of rabbit. Our rabbits are loved dearly and well socialized too. They have an excellent bloodline and their ancestry stem from grand show champions.

    There are two grades of rabbits: pet quality and show quality.

    Show quality rabbits are bred to an exacting standard of excellence and are exhibited at rabbit shows.

    The one which best represents the ideal wins.

    There is an American and British standard. We use the British standard at our local shows. Shows are a fun way to meet other people who love rabbits and learn more about these animals too.

  • Why they make great pets?

    • They are highly intelligent, cuddly, independent, fun, curious and loving.
    • They do not annoy the neighbors.
    • They are not rodents but lagomorphs.
    • Their droppings make an excellent cold compost: which can be added directly to soil
      without burning your plants.
    • Their food is inexpensive.


    We welcome all serious enquiries to buy our rabbits. Demand exceeds supply, so if there is no stock available please, do put your name on our waiting list so that we can reserve one for you as soon as we next have stock.

    We encourage our buyers to be committed and responsible pet owners who care for these special animals and not to breed them unless they are a registered breeder.

    Please visit our Contact Us page, to send an email enquiry or simply give us a call on (074) 999 8089 .

    Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Rabbitry

Rabbits For Sale

Colour Groups

  • 1. Self:
    Solid colour e.g. BEW, REW, Black, Blue, Brown and Lilac.
    BEW= Blue Eyed Whites (These should be bred to BEW or it will result in broken coloured rabbits).
    REW=Ruby Eyed Whites (These should be bred to REW or rabbits with red coloured eyes).
  • 2. Shaded:
    Sable Point, Sable, Siamese Sable & Sable Smokey Pearl
  • 3. Agouti:
    Chestnut, Opel, Lynx, Chinchilla & Squirrel
  • 4. Tan:
    Blue, Black, Lilac, Silver Marten, Sable Marten & Smokey Pearl Marten
  • 5. All other Varieties (A.O.V.):
    Himalayan, Orange, Fawn & Steel
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